NEED A strong marketing strategy for your business?

– For businesses who sells to other businesses.

Small team with no senior marketing manager

– Include a step by step guide to teach your team

– Access to online tutorials and courses.


What is this strategy?

You would like to implement a growth marketing strategy in your business and teach your marketing team about it’s implementation? You need outsiders inspiration and steps to follow? This 15 pages strategy and step by step guide is for you. See below what is included in this full strategy: 

First, we understand your business model 

Every strategy starts with having a good understanding of your business, the goods or services you sell and the problem you solve. There is no need to start writing content if you don’t know what people want to learn.  

Then, we analyse your online power

We are going to answer all these question? Do you know how much power do you already have online? What is your community value? How can you monetize this community. How is your website converting? What does people do on your website? What page is more popular and how can you get the most of your website? Where is your most valuable trafic from?

To make it way better with 3 sales funnels

Now that we know where are you potential clients and what they need, we can build a conversion flow. Our experience make us be able to mix and match more than 1000 tools in order to fit your specific goal.

And to implement the growth mindset

Our type of marketing does not only focus on Awareness but also on processes to ensure acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, and referral. Working on a referral program along with your user experience and awareness? Awesome, we have got a strategy for every step. Not missing any part of the process if really important to make sure your business gets recurring clients and keeps growing.

While teaching your entire team with this step by step guide

You could use this guide10 times and even make this step by step guide a employee training book. You can have the template to use it for further implementation. It’s the perfect way to build a strong growth marketing mindset among your team.


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