Your are trying make sure that a big amount of people in your niche  knows who you are to start building a strong relationship with them. Selling is an art and there is a very low amount of people who can sell to strangers. Building a strong network is important due to social proof. If you have a large amount of people who believe in your skills, you have better chances of selling your product or service to them and to be recommended to others. I’m going to explain the steps to gather a ton of twitter profiles, company url and emails from the Linkedin search engine.

Follow the following steps to learn how to grow your network for free.

First, find the people you want to have in your network:

1. Make sure you have the Google Chrome browser installed and that you are currently using it. 

2. Install 2 chrome extensions: Linked Helper and Data miner. 

3. Go on your Linkedin and type in the search bar a job title to find people in your niche. Ex: Marketing managers, founders, PDG, etc. 

4. You now have a list of people you want in your network. 

5. Use Linked Helper to collect contact.

6. Once you have reached a sufficient amount,  click on view collected to see the full list. 


Then, we will scrape

1. When you have collected around 500 people in your list,  stop collecting and click on “view collected” 

2. You will then click on your data miner extension icon and create a recipe. 

3. Each person is a row. Pick text to select the name for column 1 and url to select the link for column 2. 

4. Save and export the .csv with results

5. Upload the csv file in your google drive account. Open it in google sheets. 



First, find the people you want to have in your network:

1. Created an account on phantom buster.

2. Choose the API Linkedin Profil scrapper

3. Go on your API on your profile to select your new acquisition.

4. Enter in the text field a link of a Google Spreadsheet with this same format 


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