How to become a growth hacker?

by | Feb 10, 2019

If you are a developer, an entrepreneur, a content writer or a marketing manager and you wish to build up your skills. Maybe you’d like to call yourself a growth hacker one day. Well, you are in the right place. This trendy term is often misused and I taught it would be really useful to go around so job offer and learn what tech companies and startups actually call “growth hacker” and what do you need to meet their requirements.
So what do you need to be a growth hacker? 

The first question is: do you need to code or not?  In our Facebook group, we have asked people to tell us their opinion and obviously, it came out like this. Just a bit of code is needed. I would say: basics of html, css and js is sufficient to become a great growth marketer and push the marketing limits further.

Beside the coding skills, you need this list of things… and probably more:

1. You need to have some experiences in marketing and business development.

2. Seo knowledge, some google certifications would help.

3. A/b testing knowledge. Know the tools and more.

4. Design understanding and knowledge of design tools. UI/UX best practices.

5. Detail oriented, scientific mindset and data-oriented solution maker.

6. Trial and error mindset which always brings you to find a better solution.

What exactly are the day to day task of a growth hacker? 

  • Analyze data, implement changes and test it.
  • Understand and activate the potential of different channels where the potential clients are. Make sure the content is at the right place and reaches the right people, at the right time.
  • Build funnels to acquire new leads, test these funnels, make them better.
  • Build a market analysis and present them to the team. Apply the research to the funnels.
  • Build tools, create new projects to attract new clients.
  • Make sure every good idea becomes reality by implementing it right away, using your skills and available tools online.
  • Be aware of new tools and trends.
  • Develop tools within the team to ameliorate visual, content, marketing processes and more.
So, are you a growth hacker yet?

What skills do you need to develop to become the best growth hacker in 2019? I would suggest you first come and join the growth hacker lounge to know if you are at the right place and then pick one of our online classes. You can also chat get private training with made in Digital team to get a fast track to one of these awesome job offers.


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