Growth hacking strategy for events

Growth hacking can do a lot of things for your business. When it comes to organizing events, there is a clear path to walk on. It takes a lot of efforts to gather all the attendees, speakers, logistics and more. This is why you need a growth hacker in your team in...

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How to become a growth hacker?

If you are a developer, an entrepreneur, a content writer or a marketing manager and you wish to build up your skills. Maybe you'd like to call yourself a growth hacker one day. Well, you are in the right place. This trendy term is often misused and I taught it would...

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What is Growth hacking?

Before we start going deeper in the Growth hacking subject, it is important to understand the basics of growth hacking. The world hacking might block people to go ahead and learn about it. Some might not understand that growth hacking is not dangerous. I have made up...

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Top Marketing Chrome Extension ?

First, let me explain you what is a chrome extension and why it is so important to use it when you want to increase your marketing skills. Extensions give you superpower on the web because it adds features to your navigation, You can search all the Google extensions...

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Keynote: French tech Bangkok

I was really happy to make this awesome presentation in front of the french tech crowd in Bangkok. I am giving you the link for all my resources as well as the slides here. Please feel free to book an hour FREE with me to ask all the questions you might...

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