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I was really happy to make this awesome presentation in front of the french tech crowd in Bangkok. I am giving you the link for all my resources as well as the slides here. Please feel free to book an hour FREE with me to ask all the questions you might have.  To get the full presentation, please feel free to push on the button below and it will be sent straght to your messenger. 

Download the full presentation here: 

My blog is in French so far but I do help people in English as well. What I do is basically helping you to increase your revenus with Growth hacking. I don’t like to make it for you but I prefer to show you the way. This is why private sessions are the best. People are getting so much result with this strategy. Motivation and knowledge is the result I want you to get.


Here is a list of tools I presented in my speach. There are tools you know already such as wordpress and shopify for e-commerce. I do recommend as well divi theme for wordpress. This is helpful but not as simple as some other option below.

Below, you will find THE tools that are helping you MARKETER to make your life easier. Create email automation, landing pages and more with the power of these tools. This doesnt affect the customer but you and the time you spend. These tools are design to help you spend less time on these steps.

1. TO BUILD SALES FUNNEL from A to Z: Sumo is THE best

2. TO CREATE EMAIL AUTOMATION FUNNEL: Lead fox will help you doing a to z step in the funnel making process.

4. TO CREATE MESSENGER BOT FUNNEL:  Many chat is your new best mate.




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