How to steal your competitors followers?

by | Feb 11, 2019

Your competitors have been working hard on building their target audience. Their audiences has some really similar interests with yours. This is why you should really take advantage of the hard work they have done for you. This is why having competitors is awesome, they work to increase the awareness of your product/service and make the problem you solve important to more people. This strategy is awesome when you start a business and you need to grow your community super fast. You have everything here to do it by yourself but if you want us to help you. we can talk. This link brings you to my calendar.

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Follow the following steps to steal your competitor’s followers.

First, the scraping part: 

1. Install this extension

2. Google search for your client search. My example was: growth hacking agency,

3. Once you see all the results in google: you click on the extension icon in the top bar

4. Now, you will scrape the URL in an excel sheet. You pick the get search reasults url in the public tab. Click RUN


The social media extractor part:

You have many ways to extract their social links.  You can do it manually, open every page and copy paste every link or automate this process. To automate it, you can either code the scraper and run it from your machine. It’s nice but then you have to be a developer. If you don’t code: I do recommend this tool . It’s only 12$ a month and let you scrape so many things and organize it. You can take one month only and stop it after.

The stealing the followers part: 

To increase your brand awareness among your competitor’s followers: You must do a lot of actions automatically. Here are some examples of actions to automate: 

  • For businesses who sell to businesses, I suggest you focus on Twitter and Linkedin.

Twitter: Follow/unfollow their followers … Like and retweet their followers. Comment and message the most popular ones. 

Linkedin: Connect with their followers and use Linked helper extension to send a message to all new connection.

  • For businesses who sell directly to people, you could focus on Instragram. 

Instagram: Follow their followers … unfollow them after few days, Like last posts from their followers, comment, message them, watch their followers stories, etc. 

Automation part: 

All the possible action can be automated using Jarvee.  

This tool is only available on Window and has thousands of tutorials to show you how it works. It quite complex to understand it at first and it takes time to set up but it worth it.

What do you think about this strategy? Be careful about jarvee, if you don’t listen to the tutorials and read about each rules your implementing, you can get your accounts blocked.

If you need help implementing this strategy, click here to book an appointment with us. 

If you want to add a comment to this strategy, feel free to write it in the comments below. I would also invite you to join the Growth hacker lounge where we have daily growth marketing topics to discuss. See you around.


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